Friday, April 1, 2011

Daily Ramble 04 01 2011

WoooHooooo!!!!! Another day to RAMBLE on!!!!!

Spent part of the day yesterday with my amazing friend Jennifer!  She has three wonderful children and a wonderful hubby!  Her littlest one and I bowled and played cars in her living room.  I so miss having little kids around.  Hmmmm.... Maybe I will have another one!  APRIL FOOLS!!!!

OK that was not a great April fool’s joke, having another kid, but it is all I can come up with at 5:55 am.

Have any of you checked out the Decorah Eagles at  They have three eggs that are expected to hatch any time now, literally!  Hatching dates were 03/30-04/01 but no action as of yet.  We shall see how the day goes.

On the Decal Momma front, several orders to cut and ship out ASAP.  Plus, I might be branching out into full fledged sign making!!  WooHooo!

Oh and today is off to IKEA day with Jennifer.  Need to find more "stuff" I really do not need but what the heck.


Decal Momma